When I started out in real estate I took on any clients who would have me. A condo here, a single family home there, and a units-hunter who demanded the finest property for his FHA deal.  Then, when I could start to tell the difference between serious clients and dabblers, responsive clients and procrastinators, realistic clients and dreamers, things naturally fell into place.  The clients who have time and again closed the fastest are those who know what they want and can act fast when they see it.  Not every client has a clear plan when we have our first meeting, and that’s totally fine, but in the Los Angeles real estate market, decisiveness is key.

Now, I can afford to specialize. Unless it’s for a friend, I primarily work on 2-20 units in Los Angeles, unless a big deal takes me to Orange County or the Inland Empire. This allows me to stay on top of the best deals, build relationships with other agents in my specialty, and work with clients I understand. Because an agent divides his time among clients, his girlfriend, baseball season, and household chores, specializing also conserves time and energy. And a happy, motivated agent makes happy, successful clients.

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