Single Family Home Agents versus Income Property Agents

I just closed a beautiful house for a friend on the Pasadena / Eagle Rock border.  One difference, among many, between working a single family home versus an income property is when I close a house, 14 alarm and security companies call me the next day hoping to earn a referral to my client.  I’m polite and then hang up.

But don’t start feeling sorry for house agents. The process of buying a house is five times simpler than buying an income property. When I dabble in the house world, it’s like the bowling lanes have bumpers. After working SFRs, I realized why so many agents are slow and fumble around during income property escrows. The nuances of tenants, leases, estoppels, rent control, and systems in an apartment building are understandably more complex than in a house.

So why don’t I start working exclusively in single family homes? When you have an expertise that is rare, even if the work is more difficult, it makes a lot of sense to offer buyers and sellers something special. Smart clients can tell the difference.

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