Scheduling Inspections

Man, it’s much easier to schedule inspections when you have the inspectors on the phone, and you’re with the buyer and seller. It’s not always that easy, but that’s what I got to do today on a new property my client’s in contract for. On the flip side, scheduling another fourplex today proved more difficult – had to change the inspection time twice, checked my client’s calendar, then called the seller’s agent, who in turn had to contact the seller, and around we went.

While often being an agent feels like being a secretary, today was a good day with two new properties in contract. One listing agent even bragged for me in front of my client about how I “swooped in at the last minute,” and had the “right balance of persistence without being too pushy.” Apparently there were multiple counter offers out, but I got Carlos to divulge at what price we could close before they got the counters back. So my buyer and I didn’t mess around. Now we’re about to close on a property that will make my client a 9% cash return.

That said, let’s not count our chickens before they’re inspected…

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