should-i-use-redfinThere are pluses and minuses to my clients using Redfin as a source. The plus is that sometimes they find properties that they like personally, but that I wouldn’t think to send them. (Take, for example, my client who sent me the South Central fourplex we closed.) The problem that often arises, however, is that the data is usually inaccurate and always incomplete. The listing agent will post info on the MLS, but it will take a couple days to propagate the Redfin channels, and by that time, it may be too late. Additionally, on Redfin, you’ll never get the listing agent’s private remarks, which is the good stuff.

Search real listings here.

Search real listings here.

Enter the MLS’s Home Central Search. The name is clunky, but it’s actually a great portal that allows my clients to search specific criteria directly on the MLS – the website that agents use. For some clients, I’ve even programmed the portal to email them new listings based on their personal criteria on Sundays, twice a day, or every four hours, depending on how ambitious they are. Since I’m looking for the best deals all of the time anyway, there isn’t always a need for this. But you never know. Sometimes I might overlook something, or simply not know my client’s taste well enough. A client-agent relationship is really a learning, growing one, and the more interesting properties we show each other, the better I get to know you and your needs.

So if you’re using Redfin to shop for properties, stop. There’s a better way, direct from the source. Just ask.

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