Opening Day win!

Clayton KershawNot totally irrelevant to real estate is Opening Day at Dodger Stadium today. (9-inning shutout win by Clayton Kershaw who homered the go-ahead run.) Everyone in the beautiful Elysian Park area is going to feel the swell of traffic, and the night will be slightly brighter illuminated by the stadium tungsten.

When listing agents brag about proximity to Dodger Stadium, they’re taking a gamble. ┬áTo some, that’s an amazing perk to be able to walk to see the new blue, featuring recent acquisitions Carl Crawford, Zach Grienke, Adrian Gonzalez and our now-customary Dodger stars Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier and Kershaw. But to others they see only the line of cars and littering of trash along Elysian Park Avenue.

Either way, I’m excited with my first-ever season tickets in the 5th row field level. I’m adjacent to the opposing bullpen, so if we lead the league in come-from-behind victories this year, you’ll know who got in those pitchers’ heads.

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