The Arts District is Gone

sixth-street-bridgeEvery investor wishes she invested in the Arts District five years ago. It could be the fastest developed area in Los Angeles’s recent history of rapid gentrification. You know the current story, but here are a few developments planned in the next five years:

1) THE BRIDGE – The new world-class 6th St. Bridge, set to complete in 2019, will become the only bridge worth talking about in Los Angeles with its bike-friendly, eco-friendly awesome swoopy look. It connects Boyle Heights to the ever-fancifying Arts District downtown.

2) HOLLENBECK PARK – In Boyle Heights, Hollenbeck Park on 4th St and St. Louis, already one of my favorite parks in the city for its hills, water and bridges, is going to get a 1-million-dollar upgrade thanks to the money coming into the Arts District.

3) MATEO – The Arts District is going all in on becoming the next East Village  Old Town Pasadena West Hollywood and building an industrial-chic open-air shopping center that will certainly attract ritzier clientele.

So, what does this mean for the Arts District? If it’s unaffordable now, it will fall into the “bad deal” category for investors before you know it. I have heard of a very affordable neighborhood three minutes across the bridge though…

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