In Escrow Again

Sorry for not posting in a little while, but I just got into escrow with a client on an awesome fourplex in Virgil Village near Silver Lake.  This is a FHA client, which makes me even prouder of our accomplishment!  My client was aggressive in his offer and we were patient in our hunt.  That’s how you make FHA deals happen.

While I’ve become the go-to agent for FHA deals at our brokerage, I don’t know if this is quite my future. I do love a good challenge, and while helping those with less cash is something I feel passionate about, the amount of work to get into escrow is about three times that of a conventional loan, and probably ten times that of cash buyers.  And because FHA buyers in L.A. all look at the same deals, it’s hard to take on more than one buyer at a time.

Meanwhile, my broker Moses Kagan is writing up a storm over at – check out some of his latest posts, too.  And tell him I sent you.  😉

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