Frequent Single Family Home Advice

As good income properties are growing harder to find these days (though not impossible!), the single family home market is picking up. Here’s some advice I give most often to home buyers:

1) If you need a loan, you also need to plan for 15-30 years of mortgage and expenses. Bidding wars are scary for buyers. A good agent will have your financial interests at heart. I make sure my clients can handle all their new expenses, and my first job is helping you plan for them.

2) Being aggressive in this market is just as important as getting on the good side of sellers. Coming out strong doesn’t always mean the highest price, it could also mean the best terms. And you can only discover the best terms (rent-backs, escrow periods, inspection times, etc) if your agent knows how to read and approach each listing agent in their preferred way.

3) Manage your emotions. Buying a house is an emotional business, and falling in love with a house that’s not yours (yet) makes you do funny things. A good agent helps you keep perspective.

Please reach out if you are looking!

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