Dodger Stadium opening Scott Ave gate

The Dodgers are opening another parking lot gate that exits into one of my favorite neighborhoods for real estate, Echo Park.  Echo Park residents are rightly up in arms. Opening any more traffic through their residential streets will surely disturb the peace. Imagine living in a quiet neighborhood where 81 days per year, lines of cars drive by, sometimes spewing trash or worse.  As a Dodger season ticket holder who knows his way around Echo Park, I am additionally upset because opening Scott Ave will drive more fans to my secret parking spots.

There’s an interesting article about real estate prices near baseball stadiums here. Basically, in California it costs more to live in a convenient location, as one would guess. That said, should one expect that living near a major event arena will drive torrents of people past their property?  As someone invested heavily in both Echo Park real estate and the Dodgers, I’m torn.

Here’s a petition if that’s your thing.

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