Condo vs. Single Family House

What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a condo unit as investment property vs. a single family house? …Specifically if your goal is to rent it and eventually sell it…

These are the main (very generalized) points I’ve found, in terms of pros and cons:

Pros to House:

– It’s what everyone wants, which means:

– 25% higher rents

– better chance of appreciation

Pros to Condo:

– less maintenance worry

– better locations for lower price

– less crime worry

(the following cons are implied in the pros)

Cons to House:

– more maintenance

– less desirable locations for same money

Cons to Condo:

– they’re apartments, not houses, which means:

– shared walls

– shared backyard, pools, common area

– less than aesthetically pleasing high rises

– dealing with housing association (which can sometimes mean fewer issues to worry about personally)

In conclusion, if your goal is to flip in ten years, a house might be your best bet. If you want a cash-producing property now with little hassle, condos are safer if you know the rents.

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